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Katarzyna Dzierżęga,

“Storm Weavers is a discovery that will long remain in my memory. It's a must-have not only for all RPG fans but also for those who value intriguing adventures and a story worth exploring. All of this is adorned with truly magnificent graphics and elements reminiscent of a real board game. ”

Christopher John Eggett,

“The real selling point is how open the world feels. If you want to try and run off in a single direction, you can. You might get beaten up quite badly, but you can. There’s a really good idea at the heart of Storm Weavers. It solves complicated battles for solo gaming, and gives a bit of tactical crunch to an experience that is often weakest in gamebooks.”


“ The game by Paweł Dziemski is a dusty format rediscovered in a surprisingly impressive and tasteful manner, presented to a wider audience. I wholeheartedly recommend Storm Weavers. It's a type of gameplay that many of you probably haven't experienced. A breath of fresh air that's worth taking in. ”

Storm Weavers

As a dwarven warrior, you embark on a journey across the vast lands of Midgard to find and rescue your friend. To achieve your objective, you must confront daunting challenges. Throughout your travels, you encounter formidable orcs, cunning goblins, ferocious wolves, towering ice giants, mighty gods, elusive wizards, greedy merchants, malevolent individuals, and benevolent souls. Can any of them deter you from your mission?

Storm Weavers is a story-driven game designed for a single player. The player reads the scenario in the book and chooses an action, which then directs them to another part of the tale. As you traverse this world, you sketch out the map, discovering a myriad of locations. At times, your path will be obstructed by fierce adversaries. When these confrontations arise, gameplay shifts to a tactical mode, executed on a board featuring battle maps, miniatures, and dice.

Storm Weavers

Storm Weavers: Stronghold

Storm Weavers: Stronghold is the second game set in the universe of the Storm Weavers. Players take on the roles of members of a dwarven scouting team, whose task is to eliminate threats to the newly constructed abode of their people. For this purpose, they will patrol the surrounding mountains and forests, facing deadly dangers from which only an axe, magic, or dwarven technology can save them.

Storm Weavers: Stronghold is the multiplayer gamebook, that allows multiple players to play simultaneously! The book acts as the game master, while the players take on the roles of characters such as the Warrior, Mage, or Engineer. The game combines elements of a book-based role-playing game with elements known from tactical board games, providing a unique experience.Players will also have the chance to get to know the universe better and attempt to solve the mystery of the Storms.

Storm Weavers Stronghold

Heart of Ice

Heart of Ice is a solo adventure game in which you are an explorer searching for a mysterious artifact in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic winter world. In 23rd century GAIA, the AI system who controlls the weather satelites brings the ethernal winter to the Earth. Only you can change the future of humanity. The end of this story depends entirely on your choices.

Heart of Ice is a next-generation gamebook written by Dave Morris, featuring color illustrations by Russ Nicholson. It enhances the experience by adding new elements to the gameplay, such as ability cards, scratch maps, and credit card.

Heart of Ice

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